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January 22, 2020

Can I Have a Home Inspected Before Making an Offer?

We get asked by many first-time buyers if they could have a house inspected first before making an offer to buy. The answer is yes! Uncovering any issues early, before purchasing a home, prevents costly repairs down the road, i.e., outdated plumbing, weak foundation, roof decay.
The home inspection is not only essential but a vital part of the home buying process. If the house has any age to it, you want to know what’s hidden before you sign a contract. Every area examined, gets documented, and reveals the inspector’s findings. Those files give you leverage to negotiate the price.

Pros to Pre-Offer Home Inspections

Your licensed real estate agent wants you to know everything about the property beforehand. A thorough home inspection will reveal crucial details about the residence not seen on the surface.
For that reason, most realtors encourage pre-offer home inspections to protect your investment. They will direct you to reputable inspection companies or individuals they have used. Do not be surprised if your agent attends the inspection with you.
They have the experience to spot problems you might miss, i.e., leaking under the bathroom sink, loose floorboards, paint bubbles on the wall inside a bedroom closet. Once the home passes its inspection, nothing is stopping you from making an offer.

Cons to Pre-Offer Home Inspections

There are some downsides to a pre-offer home inspection we want you to know. The first one, you may have an agent that resists this approach feeling the deal could fall through jeopardizing the sale. The second one, the homeowner, might sell the house to another buyer before your scheduled inspection.
Third, not all inspectors cover the same areas during their examination. You will need to find out what they include in advance before you pay for their services. And fourth, buyers pay for the pre-offer home inspection, not the current homeowner.
And according to HomeAdviser.com’s, home inspections cost calculator fees vary from zip code to zip code. Inspections could cost as little as $200 and as high as $495. It all depends on the location of the home you want to purchase. A quick way to get inspection cost averages, enter your zip code into their calculator, and hit calculate. The results will give you the zip codes’ typical fee ranges.

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